Our Story

Emperos was a dream that was brought to life with the help of our team of professionals and experts. We ran several successful franchisee salons for a decade, which eventually led to the expansion of our services. That’s how the idea of establishing an empire came to us, and thus Emperos was born.

We were able to scale, and eventually, Emperos became one of the top salons in Delhi, thanks to an efficient customer management system, a great squad of trained professionals, marvellous services, hundreds of satisfied customers, and other associations.

A common question we hear from our customers is, “With so many premium and local salons available, why do the majority of people choose Emperos over every other salon?” Our superior customer service and cutting-edge makeup, hairstyle, and self-care formats are the answer to that question. Our trained professionals are capable enough to adapt to the forever-changing world of beauty and style, ensuring that you feel more relaxed and fulfilled.

We also ensure that our employees are always updated on all new technological advancements and trends. We dedicate 600+ hours on the job to train our team for that vital upskilling. We have always committed to exceeding our client’s expectations of our services by providing exceptional customer service. This practice has significantly assisted us in developing a loyal and satisfied clientele.

The Visionary

“I want to create a string of salons that welcome every individual and make sure they leave with a broad smile on their faces, feeling confident and beautiful in the way they look.”

Mr. Ubaid Wani, co-founder of Emperos Salon

Mr. Ubaid Wani, co-founder, and face of Emperos Salon has been a trailblazing guiding light of Emperos since 2010. His passion and enthusiasm for establishing luxury salons that provide 5-star treatment at reasonable prices cannot be underestimated.

He launched his first salon in Kashmir on April 16, 2010. In 2021, with the help of our visionary, we successfully established a salon in Jammu & Kashmir. With over ten years of experience with various salon brands, he is acquainted with this industry inside and out.

His desire to provide opportunities for our creative youth is what characterizes his vision. He believes that continuous learning and training could indeed benefit any professional. To achieve this goal, all stylists undergo periodic training to hone their skills and enhance customer satisfaction.

His vision of establishing 100 luxury salons by 2030 contributed to the opening of the Emperos salon in Delhi, which offers a world-class salon experience.

Within a year, the salon has established partnerships with several global brands. Emperos is a pioneer salon with the finest amenities, best-in-class products, and professional staff; many more will be established in the coming years!

Our Team